Gemengd Koor Pur Sang, Krimpen aan den IJssel


De koorleiding

De dirigent Hans Barkmeijer

Hans volgde in zijn jeugd enkele jaren zangles bij verschillende pedagogen, waaronder Wilma Bruning en Lennard Rodrigues de Miranda. Al tijdens de middelbare school werd zijn belangstelling voor de liedkunst gewekt en nam hij de studie van de liederen van Schubert en Schumann ter hand. Werkzaam als groepsleider in de heilpedagogiek op o.a. Huize Thomas te Rotterdam, gaf hij zijn eerste liedrecitals. Na zijn studie muziek-therapie aan academie De Wervel ging hij werken als muziekdocent aan het Rudolf Steiner College te Rotterdam. In deze functie bekwaamde hij zich verder in het musiceren met grote koren.  Daarnaast dirigeert hij het Vondelkoor, ouder- en vriendenkoor van het Rudolf Steiner College Rotterdam em Gemengd koor Pur Sang in Krimpen aan den IJssel.

De pianiste Tia Iskandar

Stephany Harty Mutiah Iskandar, usually called as Tia, is an Indonesian pianist and music theorist. She was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 25th September 1992. Tia started to learn music at age four by joining the Yamaha’s music course for children in Jakarta. She graduated from Yayasan Pendidikan Musik (YPM) Music School in 2011 with the High Honor 1st prize and received several prizes during her study there, including The 2011 YPM Artist Award, The 2011 YPM Gold Medal, The 2011 Franz Liszt Prize, The Mozart Medal, Award for Most Outstanding Performance, and Award for Promising Playing. She received her Bachelor of Music in Classical Piano and Certificate of Music Education from Royal Conservatory of The Hague in 2015. Currently, she is studying in the same institution for the European Joint Master of Music in New Audiences and Innovative Practice (NAIP), while doing a second bachelor study in Music Theory. She has been studying classical piano with Ellen Corver since 2011. Tia has performed in Netherlands, Germany, and Indonesia. She has played under the baton of several conductors such as Jac van Steen, Ali Groen, and Alex Schillings. Her performance was broadcasted by Radio 4 NL. In 2015, she received a privilege to work directly and extensively with Dutch prominent composer Diderik Wagenaar. She followed piano masterclasses from Matti Raekalio, Jacques Rouvier, Lilya Zilberstein, Jun Kanno, Ralf Nattkemper, Friediemann Rieger, Felix Gottlieb, Justas Dvarionas, Uta Weyand, Naum Grubert, David Kuyken, Harimada Kusuma. Currently, she is working as choir accompanist for New Voices Koor (Wassenaar) and Gemengd Koor Pur Sang (Krimpen aan den Ijssel). She also plays piano for Christengemeenschap "De Goede Herder" (The Hague) and for the Eurhythmic lessons in Rudolf Steiner College (Rotterdam). She has a piano studio in The Hague. Since 2015, she has been collaborating as the music team of “Music For Life”, a music project for people with dementia in Rudolf Steiner Zorg (The Hague). She is currently researching on developing a new concept of piano concert for young children with Autism. Tia also has passion for Balinese Gamelan and shadow puppet “Wayang Kulit”, and she is interested in finding a way to combine Indonesian culture with Classical Music together on stage.